Tuesday, November 10, 2009


     This is a sneak preview of the project I've been working on for a few months!  I've been creating LETTERS!  I've almost completed the entire alphabet.  These 9 1/2" high wooden letters will be part of the December First Friday Show, at Art & Light Gallery on Pendleton St. Greenville. (Pendleton Street Arts District)

      The process I use to create these letters is very similar to the way I create my smaller magnets.  There are several differences, though:  First, I designed the shape of the letters and had my friend, Jude, cut out several of each letter for me. I then began painting 26 original designs...one for each letter. I painted them in the mosaic style.  I painted little "tiles" and little "grout" lines.  I did them all in a '60s-peace-and-love style.

      When an originals were complete, I made several prints of  each letter.  I painted each wooden letter black and glued on the matching print. When dry, I applied several layers of crystal lacquer to just the "tiles". I left the "grout" flat, so these letters have the texture and shine of a mosaic.

       These are limited edition, signed prints, but because of the huge amount of time and detail on each one, they are much, much more than prints.  Each letter is its own work of art, if I do say so myself!! The originals were painted for the sole purpose of  creating this collection of letters.  The originals themselves will not be made into wooden letters and will not be for sale.

        My letters are $28.00 each.  They will make perfect, unique Christmas gifts as initials or to spell out whole names or cool words.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment :)

       EVERYONE is invited to the December Show at Art & Light Gallery!


  1. OMGosh Kay! You are too cool! How could anyone resist?!?! I can't resist! I want one. I'll let you know what letter.

  2. Thank you Kelly and Lapo! You've encouraged me to keep plugging away at them. I stayed up til 3:00am last night trying to finish the W. Now, I'm off to work! :o (that's suppose to be me yawning, lol......sorry, lack of sleep is making me stupid.....)