Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art & Light Gallery Show

      FIRST FRIDAY is coming up FAST!  I've been designing, painting and creating my 10" wooden letters for three months!  Now, suddenly it's time to wrap it up, pack it up and take them all down to the  Art & Light Gallery for the December Show.
      I'm honored to have my letters included in Art & Light's Toyland "Not For Kids Only" art show!  (Remember that Jerry Garcia CD called "Not For Kids Only?" That's one of my favorite CDs!)

      I hope everyone can make it out to the Pendleton Street Arts District in West Greenville on December 4th (First Friday) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  The Art & Light Gallery is located in the flatiron building.

     Click on the title to this post to see Art & Light's blog!


  1. Kay,
    These are fantastic, as is all your original, unusal....and beautiful. I wish I could see and understand how you do that voodo that you do so well?

  2. Kay I want, well NEED, one of these so badly--please tell me how to go about purchasing one of your fabulous letters

  3. You remind me of someone who would feel comfortable inside a kaleidoscope. An "I don't have a favorite color." someone. But secretly it's blue. Paris might make you smile but Piccadilly Circus would steal your heart. Cowboys in your westerns wear corduroy and feathers. NEVER ODD OR EVEN is the same coming or going. And you think more things should come in bottles like genies and messages. Your imaginary friend strangly resembles the Pied Piper.

  4. Thankyou, Jessica! I feel the same about your work!

    Lapo: I'll be mailing your letters and magnets soon! Thank you, again!...and thank you for my groovey/farout ornament!

    La Feroce Bete: Yes, I'm very comfortable living every day inside my kaleidoscope...and you're welcome to come on in and visit me anytime, because it's nice to have friends who 'get' me.

  5. I got my painted letters today, and they are by far the GROOVIEST pieces in my entire art collection! I heart you Kay!!!!!

  6. Hello Kay.

    I'm pleased to have come across this site.
    How does one get your letters.
    How much does it cost, too?